Berkeley Analog, Inc.
Breakthrough in Analog Performance

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Top performance analog ip & Ic from berkeley analog

n   PLL, Clock / Data Recovery
- Analog PLL, All Digital PLL (ADPLL)
- Spread-Spectrum, Fractional-N PLL, DLL, VCXO, Xtal OSC

ADC: High-Speed Nyquist-Rate, e.g.
- 1GSPS 12-bit             for ATE, Digital RF/IF, Radar/Sonar/ECM 
- 270MSPS 10-bit:       for LCD TV, LCD Monitor

ADC: High-Resolution, Low-Power Delta-Sigma, e.g.

- 1KSPS 18-bit:           for Medical, Industrial, Automobile
- 10SPS 24-bit:           for Smart Sensor
n   LDO
- Narrow-band, High-PSRR LDO     for Smartphone RF, etc.
- Wide-band, High-PSRR LDO        for Smartphone RF, etc.
- Nano-power (1uA) LDO

- High Gain, High SNR, High Linearity, High Sensitivity, Glitch-less and Low Power

n   Serdes PHY with DFE
- 300M to 10G

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